On the journey of her artistic expression, Gabriela Hajzler explores the topic of intimate moments of urban life. She builds her art poetics on the representations of facades and dwellers caught in various moments of everyday existence. The space is not depicted traditionally, it is often illogical, reduced to the surface, reminiscent of scenery or a symbol. We can have a glance into the privacy of the inhabitants not only through open windows and open doors, but also by the transparency of the walls. A certain note of voyeurism and curiosity permeates these works.

The inhabitants of that imaginary world range from anonymous-silhouettes to realistic depictions of real people. That gradation is a path and a game, from the general and unrecognizable to the specific, although stylized and recognizable only for the author.

In the realm of her creative expression, she is fascinated with fragments, with the hidden and spiritual aspect of everyday life. The spirit of her works is nostalgic, dreamy, surreal.